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Course/ Workshop - Weaving pattern with simple tools. Åse Eriksen

The Weaving structures; Warp faced compund twill and tabby (Jin), Han-Qi (Han damask), Samitum, Taquete, Kuvikas (Summer and Winter), Lampas(Beiderwand), double cloth, will be taught.

Many historical high tech weaving structures have gone out of use. Special those that were used in the first aera of weaving patterned silk fabrics. The weaving tools and the methods are gone, but the structures are simple and we can easily weve them in our modern looms, sometimes with small adjustments. The easiest way to make pattern is by the help of sticks.

The teacher will support the workshop with the different warp and recipes. The first day we set up all the looms, as many as there are participants. The following days everybody will weave a sample in every loom. There will be a theory session every day. Every participant will have a paper with all the recipes

The pattern are drawn on plastic, and attached to the fabric with pins. The pattern are picked by the use of sticks before the weft is placed in the shed.

From the cutting ceremony. Every samples are marked, so it will be easy when the participant comes home to sort the samples. We are looking at the samples and of course pictures are taken, to remember both the workshop, and the works of the others.

Do you want to learn?

There is arranged course nearly every year, ofthen during the summer. If you are interested in participating, just send me an e-mail (ase.eriksen@hotmail.com), and i will tell you about the next course.

If you are a group and want to have a course in your workshop. Take contact and we can discuss the possibility for that, either you want a full course or just want to learn some of the weaving structures